Here at Paws and People Too we believe that dog grooming is more than just making your pet look and smell great, but it's about the over-all well being of your loved one. It is our mission to provide the best and most thorough grooming services available in a fun and loving, CAGE FREE, environment.

Grooming is a vital part in the well being and healthiness of your dog which can improve their lifespan. All breeds require daily grooming - how much depends on the breed, age, or health of the pet. Regular grooming helps to ensure the dog is healthy and comfortable. Dogs require grooming by a professional every 6-8 weeks and we are here to assist you with all your grooming needs.

We understand that every dog is unique. In order to best serve your dog,  we will recommend a customized treatment to best meet his or her needs. We can help you find the most beneficial combination of shampoos and conditioners to help, and even the best techniques for drying and grooming. 

If you are already a client at Paws and People Too we thank you for your patronage. If you're not a client, we invite you to give us a try. We are always happy to make new friends and expand our family. 

About Us

Paws and People Too is a Mom-And-Pop pet grooming spa and boutique located on Summit Bridge Road in Middletown, Delaware, United States of America. We are unique because we are the only cage-free facility in the tri-state area. The original owner retired suddenly, and sold the company in March of 2018 to the then-Store Manager, Anthony.

With 14 years of professional pet grooming experience behind him, Anthony could finally realize his dream of owning his own salon. Bringing in modern techniques and equipment, he quickly awoke the established but stagnated business, tripling the customer base and pushing the company to previously unreachable heights. He trained the staff - new hires as well as the established and experienced crew he inherited - in the fundamentals of modern high-standard pet grooming, drawing on his extensive experience as a hands-on groomer and business manager. The Paws and People Too staff had already been talented, but with his guidance and keen eye for detail, they are quite literally making headlines in the booming town (check out our amazing reviews since the change of ownership).

Paws and People Too has also made a point of becoming closely involved in the local community, forging and strengthening ties with other organizations that seek the betterment of at-risk lives of both pets and people. We are on call to provide free baths and grooms for our local animal rescue. With just a simple groom, we give them a dramatic makeover, take lots of pictures, and share them on all our social-media platforms. We have successfully helped to find homes for almost every pet that has come through our doors. All they needed was a little TLC, and a chance to be in the spotlight. In addition, we work with organizations that improve the lives of disadvantaged folks who share in the love of animals.

Learn more about us and what we offer by checking out our services list, and meet the team on our staff profile page.

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Here at Paws & People Too! we believe that dog grooming is more than just making your pet look and smell great. It’s also about the overall health and wellness of your loved one. Grooming is as important as bringing your pet to the Vet for regular checkups, grooming is a vital key that can give your pet a longer lifespan. We may discover health issues before you even know of their existence, including cysts, skin conditions, and ear infections- All of which can hide under the hair.

Contrary to belief, all breeds require daily grooming, but how much depends on the breed, age, and health of the pet. Regular grooming by a professional every 6-8 weeks will help you maintain a comfortable and happy pet at home. We can also alert you of any issues we come across, and we keep a detailed record of every pet in our system. We are here to assist you with all your grooming needs. It is our mission to provide the best and most thorough grooming services available in a fun and loving, cage free, environment.

We understand that every pet is unique, so in order to best serve you and your pet, we will always recommend the best shampoos, packages (Shedless, Medicated, Whitening, etc), and Add On services (Nail filing, teeth brushing, blueberry facial, etc) that would give you the best results. You do not have to take our advice, but we have spent a lot of time, money, and practice perfecting our trade to give you the best. We pride ourselves in keeping abreast of new education and training our staff with the latest information to stay a cut above the rest.

There are several things to keep in mind that happen during your visit with us. We only use the highest quality and all natural shampoos by reputable companies such as Tropiclean. To begin the process, all pets are washed with a tearless and odorless Hypoallergic shampoo (unless a package or specialty scented shampoo has been purchased or a Vet prescribed shampoo has been provided) before the groom. Grooming a dirty or not fully brushed out coat can actually dull, jam, or even damage our equipment to the point they can no longer be used without expensive repairs. Clean and tangle-free hair allows us to give a smooth cut with the same length consistently across the whole body.

During the second step, your pet will be dried with fluffy towels to capture the bulk of water, followed up with a high velocity dryer. Depending on how well your pet handles the high velocity dryer is how long it will take to dry them. Some pets become very stressed and will need to sit in front of the floor dryer, which is much quieter and has a lot less of an air current, but it unfortunately causes the dry time to be a lot slower. This is usually best for senior pets who can not stand or take a lot of stress, hence why senior grooms take longer then normal.

Once your pet is dry, the actual grooming process can begin with cutting nails and thoroughly brushing out the coat to be tangle-free. Once the hair is tangle-free, we begin cutting the hair to your specifications. Depending on how well your pet can tolerate the nail cutting, brushing, and cutting of the hair during the groom will dictate how long it will take in total. We can only proceed at their pace so as not to stress them out and make the situation worse for them - We want them to love it, not feel like this is torture. We always try to aim for 2-3 hours per dog from start to finish, but that is an estimate that can change due to many of the factors you have just read over.

If your pet has matting that you want brushed out, this could dramatically change not only the estimated time of completion, but also the final bill. Matting comes from densely tangled clumps of hair in a pet’s coat. If they are not properly and/or frequently brushed, loose dead hair and live healthy hair tangle up, becoming embedded in large masses. Sometimes mats can be combed out depending on the size of matting, and the pet’s skin and ability to tolerate pain from us pulling. If you decide you would like them combed out, it will be $10 for every 15 minutes spent combing. If the matts are left too long, it is impossible to get them out without seriously harming the pet. The safest, pain free, and most humane method is to shave under the mats which will leave them with very short hair.

As part of the normal routine all dogs will go through the following services unless we are told otherwise. We will clean their ears with a mild ear cleaner, if they seem to have sensitivity or extra dirty ears we will alert you. We can also provide ear plucking upon request. Ear hair removal is a standard part of the grooming process for some breeds, especially those that are prone to ear infections, have drop/floppy ears, and grow long hair. We will also check and attempt to externally express anal glands if they allow us. We cannot prevent or treat impacted anal glands, internal anal gland expression and treatment can only be provided by your Vet.

          From the entire staff here at Paws & People Too! we promise to care and love your pet while they are in our facility. We will do our utmost to keep your pet safe and happy. However, the grooming process can cause minor injuries from time to time, accidents do happen, but it is not common.

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